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  • WetBrush Go Green Treat & Shine Brush Coconut Oil

WetBrush Go Green Treat & Shine Brush Coconut Oil

  • $15.56

Discover the latest innovation in detangling with the WetBrush Go Green Treatment & Shine Brush, infused with Coconut Oil. From the makers of the first detangler, this multi-benefit brush is crafted from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, making it gentle on both your hair and the environment.

The shine-enhancing brush features a built-in natural oil treatment that distributes evenly throughout your hair as you brush to enhance shine while smoothing and conditioning your tresses. The cruelty-free synthetic boar bristles effortlessly glide through tangles to leave your hair sleek and glossy. IntelliFlex bristles also allow for 45% percent less breakage and up to 55% less detangling effort, it’s a win-win. Replenishing the hair with nutrients as you brush to moisturize and repair, the styling tool is enriched with Coconut Oil to soften and condition.


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