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  • Joico Intensity Eraser Packette 1.5oz

Joico Intensity Eraser Packette 1.5oz

  • $6.98

Pastels or brights? Unicorn or Pinwheel technique? Which hot new haircoloring trend will your clients jump on next?

Thanks to Joico’s Color Intensity Eraser, color-obsessed clients can now change their custom color quickly and easily while leaving locks gleaming in healthy condition!

In 30 minutes or less, this brilliant K-PAK® Keratin-enriched formula lifts direct dyes, leaving hair ready (and joifully waiting) for its next color transformation.

Easy one-step direct dye removal in 30 minutes or less
Creamy, drip-free formula is a breeze to apply and stays put through processing
Cuticle-nourishing K-PAK® proteins help condition and protect hair during lifting, for healthier post-service results*


  • Color Intensity Eraser is mixed with 20 Volume (6%) Veroxide® or LumiShine™ Developer.
  • In a non-metallic bowl, mix one full Color Intensity Eraser packette with 3 oz of 20 (6%) Volume Veroxide or LumiShine Developer.
  • Using a color brush, apply ONLY to hair that has been prelightened and treated with directdyes or semi-permanent haircolor.
  • Process for up to 30 minutes at room temperature, checking every 5 minutes until desired result is achieved.
  • Thoroughly rinse Color Intensity Eraser from the hair, shampoo with K-PAK® Color Therapy™ Shampoo, then follow with K-PAK Cuticle Sealer (optional) and K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner.



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