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  • Refectocil Eye Makeup Remover 5.1oz

Refectocil Eye Makeup Remover 5.1oz

  • $19.46

For a perfect and gentle removal of intensive eye make-up before tinting eyelashes and eyebrows

RefectoCil Eye Make-Up Remover is a non-greasy eye make-up remover, which removes even intensive eye make-up quickly, gently and carefully for the perfect preparation of the hair before tinting eyelashes and eyebrows.

Today, a complete eye make-up consists of many different products, for example eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner that are all applied in several layers. The added durability of the make-up also has implications how the products need to be removed! The new and improved formula was developed to meet the highest expectations for a modern eye make-up remover.

Tip: As preparation before tinting, the eyelashes and eyebrows must be free of oil and all make-up must be removed completely. Only then the optimum tinting result and a long-lasting tint can be achieved. The RefectoCil Eye Make-Up Remover fully meets these special requirements.


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