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Body Care

  • BCL Spa Milk & Honey White Chocolate Salt Soak 16oz

BCL Spa Milk & Honey White Chocolate Salt Soak 16oz

  • $16.77

This naturally detoxifying sea salt soak cleanses the hands, feet, and body, leaving the skin purified & hydrated.

Gently softens the skin to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance for much needed hydration. Damaged cells are regen- erated and protected from today’s environmental pollutants.

Milk and Honey work together as a nutrient−rich humectant to promote moisture retention in the skin. White Chocolate is antioxidant−rich, fighting against free radicals and damage from the sun and environmental pollutants.

Certified Organic Argan Oil from Morocco makes BCL SPA Milk + Honey with White Chocolate an exceptionally rich and soothing, softening system for the hands, feet, and body.

Benefits: Softens the skin with gentle exfoliationHydrates the skin, restoring moisture balanceBoosts the skin’s immunity against free radicals and environmental damage


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