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  • Mint Kaze Paddle Brush KZ-Pad

Mint Kaze Paddle Brush KZ-Pad

  • $62.39

The MINT Kaze (風 Japanese word for wind) brush is handcrafted from the finest sustainable materials. Premium boar bristles make for perfect tension, allowing the scalp’s natural oils to be distributed from root to tip. This is a great self-conditioner promoting happy and healthy hair. It also goes by the name, The Balayage Bush because it is especially useful for hair that is long, colour-treated and possibly more knotty. Protect hair from heat while leaving the hair feeling healthy and looking more amazing than ever before!


  • Great for Balayage Detailing
  • Bristles Gently Massage, Never Scraping the Scalp
  • Self-Conditioning Natural Oil Distribution 
  • Light Heat Styling & Dry Detangling 
  • Unique Handle Perfectly Stimulates Hand Acupressure Points
  • Durable Hand-Carved Ash Wood
  • Eco-Friendly & Glue-Free
  • Removable Brush Pad for Easy Cleaning 


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