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  • STMNT Understated Shine Travel Kit

STMNT Understated Shine Travel Kit

  • $33.93

These limited edition care & style travel sizes include a free travel bag to keep your essentials ready for the road.

Shampoo: Your daily cleanse, just more powerful. The powerful formula, with activated charcoal and menthol effectively removes product build-up and impurities to clean hair and scalp. Delivers an extra fresh feeling.

Hair & Body Cleansing Bar: A solid choice for multipurpose cleansing. The moisturizing formula with activated charcoal, gently removes impurities for super clean hair, body, face and hands. Practical, easy-to-use bar for the gym or travel.

Shine Paste: The one for understated shine. Use on dry or damp hair for strong styling control with definition and long-lasting texture. The non-greasy formula delivers a natural shine finish that's easy to wash out. Want less shine? Mix with STMNT Matte Paste.


  • Shampoo 80ml
  • Hair & Body Cleansing Bar 125g
  • Shine Paste 30ml
  • STMNT Travel Bag


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