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  • Layrite Original Pomade

Layrite Original Pomade

  • $25.55

Sick of product build up? Want a product that washes out like a dream but gives you great hold throughout the day? Layrite Original Pomade does all of this, while pleasing your senses with a soft vanilla scent.

This pomade is ideal for those with short, fine or normal hair. The superior hold and medium shine can create messy wet looks including fades, quiffs and spikes or it can create classic put-together looks including slick backs, side parts and low pomp’s.

You can vary the hold and shine depending on how you apply this product. With towel dried hair, you will get a lower hold and high shine factor whereas with completely dry hair you will get a higher hold and lower shine factor.

The beauty with this water based product is that it will never dry out your hair or flake throughout the day and you have the ability to restyle throughout the day.


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