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TIGI Copyright Care is an innovative brand designed to support and care for the needs of the hairdresser and their clients.

Designed to perfectly complement the TIGI Copyright©olour range, Copyright Care wants you to excite and inspire your clients with personalized, perfect results every time, offering truly customized, in-salon care services to celebrate your artistry and copyright your client’s look.

TIGI Copyright Care extends the color consultation process to include hair diagnosis, enabling hairdressers to prescribe a personalized color service and a customized care regime. And, because we know haircare starts in the salon, but continues in the client’s home, we’ve created a personalized routine clients can follow between salon visits ensuring their hair looks and feels sensational and in excellent condition all the time.

TIGI Copyright Care is about extending your in-salon service with bespoke treatments and give your clients 100% customized care.