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  • OPI Nature Strong Right As Rain 0.5oz

OPI Nature Strong Right As Rain 0.5oz

  • $12.09

We know you care about what you put on your body but don’t want to choose between natural and high performance. That’s why OPI poured every effort into making a long-lasting, highly pigmented lacquer that stays on so you can stay natural. No compromises required.

Introducing OPI Nature Strong: OPI's first high-quality natural origin nail lacquer. Each original shade offers up to 7 days of wear and shine without fading, goes on easily, and dries fast. With a range of neutral earth tones, bright pops of color, and bold, timeless hues in crèmes and shimmers, all 30 shades consider the gracefulness of nature we know and love in a naturally sourced formula that can be made even shinier with OPI's optional Top Coat.

Nature inspired hues capture the role color plays in earth’s natural elements to empower you to express yourself consciously. Dusty rose, carnation pink, and bright yellow embody their love of blooms big and small. Cobalt blue, lavender-gray, and a cool rain channel water in all its forms. And deep purple, shimmery burgundy, and radish pink nod to some of their favorite organic fruits and vegetables.

Each shade practices consciousness of the environment and individual well-being through quality plant-based ingredients like sugar-cane, wheat, and corn, and a sustainably crafted bottle and cap made from 20% post-consumer recycled materials. OPI's premium formula is free
of animal derived ingredients and by-products, is cruelty free, and non-GMO so you can take the best care of you, your nails, and world around you.


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