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  • CHI Power Plus Hair Renew Starter Kit

CHI Power Plus Hair Renew Starter Kit

  • $53.82

Renewing haircare maintenance system that is specifically formulated to care for the foundation of healthy hair and scalp. Exfoliates, nourishes and revitalizes the scalp keeping it in optimum condition to promote fuller, denser-looking hair. The CHI Power Plus Hair Renewing System contains ingredients consisting of Nettle, Red Clover and a rich blend of botanicals which nourish, relieving tightness and dryness while helping to balance and maintain the scalp. The 3 step system offers complete scalp care by exfoliating, nourishing and revitalizing the hair and scalp.


  • Power Plus Exfoliating Shampoo 12oz
  • Power Plus Nourish Conditioner 12oz
  • Power Plus Revitalize Vitamin Hair & Scalp Treatment 3.5oz


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