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  • Lanza Healing Blonde Duo

Lanza Healing Blonde Duo

  • $49.73

SUMMER LOVIN’ DUOS! Keep hair healthy during scorching summer months with Shampoos & Conditioners from your favorite Healing Collections.

Keep blondes healthy, vibrant, and downright dazzling with Healing Blonde! Whether it’s warm golden honey or cool pale platinum, your blonde always deserves to sparkle. Healing Blonde is especially formulated to ban brassiness & helps prevent hair from breakage. Vita C-Plex Plus brightens hair & adds illuminating shine while Cystine protects & strengthens.

This sulfate-free shampoo gently purifies, removing dulling debris & unhealthy pollutants.

This ultra-healing conditioner illuminates blonde hair, leaving it incredibly healthy & shiny.


  • Bright Blonde Shampoo 10oz
  • Bright Blonde Conditioner 8.5oz
  • Healing Stregnth Neem Plant Serum 5 ml TRY-ME Bonus


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