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  • Wella Nutricurls Waves Litre Duo

Wella Nutricurls Waves Litre Duo

  • $62.40

The NUTRICURLS collection provides your waves and curls with the right level of nourishment for beautiful bouncy locks. The NOURISH-IN Complex with wheat bran extract and jojoba oil helps to make the curls defined, soft and manageable, while reducing frizz. Seal in nourishment and lock out the humidity with EIMI NUTRICURLS styling products. Make curls even more defined and fight frizz... for up to 72hours! A complete line of products for curly and wavy hair with different levels of nourishment and style support from EIMI.

Shampoo For Waves is a lightweight shampoo for wavy hair, with no added sulfates, that gently removes impurities, nourishes, and helps to define waves. Provides lightweight nourishment.

Detangling Conditioner For Waves & Curls is a lightweight nourishing detangling conditioner for curly and wavy hair. For lightweight definition.


  • Nutricurls Waves Shampoo 33oz
  • Nutricurls Waves Conditioner 33oz


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