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  • IGK Make Waves 3pk

IGK Make Waves 3pk

  • $83.23

This IGK Warning Big Waves kit contains all the products you need to create effortless, tousled waves without going to the beach. Our salt-free, ingredient driven formulas are the designed to give you the perfect amount of lived-in texture.This must-have texture trio is your go-to solution for effortlessly beachy waves.

Begin with Beach Club Blowout Balm to protect your hair from the heat and set up buildable, voluminous bounciness.

Follow with Beach Club Texture Spray to add long-lasting volume and sexy, tousled texture for effortlessly cool, beachy waves.

Finish with Rich Kid, to add piecey texture and shine. Its creamy gel formula has a lightweight hold that creates defined curls and waves without stiffness or frizz.


  • Instantly adds volume, flexible hold, and beachy texture
  • Non-drying, salt-free formulas 
  • 450-degree Heat Protection


  • Beach Club Blowout Balm 4.5oz
  • Beach Club Texture Spray 5oz
  • Rich Kid Air-Dry Styler 5oz


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