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  • Nook Difference Hair Care Energizing Sensitive Lotion 7ml 12pk

Nook Difference Hair Care Energizing Sensitive Lotion 7ml 12pk

  • $37.25

The perfect equilibrium between an Ancient Soul and Modern Thinking. An accurate selection of active principles of natural derivation together with the most modern cosmetic technology have inspired NOOK DIFFERENCE HAIR CARE. Divided into 6 families of specific treatments and developed to provide effective answers for the most common hair and scalp disorders.

Nook believes in the immense value of Nature and sees it as the base for an ethical code, a treasure of precious gifts waiting to be discovered. Nook DIFFERENCE HAIR CARE treats hair and scalps with gentle care, bringing out beauty and correcting common disorders to restore natural balance. The most advanced technology looks to tradition to find its most ancient soul. Whenever we can choose, we will always choose the best.

Alcohol-Free stimulating treatment for sensitive scalps. All Nook products are cruelty free.

How To Use:

  • Apply to clean wet scalp, massage areas to be treated for a few minutes, with circular movements until completely absorbed.
  • Do not rinse off.


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