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  • Keune Blend Fixing Spray 10oz

Keune Blend Fixing Spray 10oz

  • $18.92

Maximum hold and big volume that lasts all day. Super strong but wont give you helmet head, can be easily brushed out. Ideal as a working & designing spray when teasing, brushing and placing the hair.

Why It's Great:

  • Multi Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair
  • Long-lasting hairspray that ensures strong hold
  • Ideal as a working and designing hairspray when teasing, brushing and placing the hair
  • Gives shape and volume during the creation of the hairstyle
  • Safe to use on colored hair 
  • Easy to brush out

How To Use:

  • Hold the canister 30 cm/12 inches away from the head and mist the hair.
  • Shape the hair quickly before the product dries.
  • This product can be used as a working and fixing hairspray. 

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