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Hair Extensions

  • Babe The Classic Hair Extension Tool Plier

Babe The Classic Hair Extension Tool Plier

  • $49.92

This is an essential for all hair extension specialists! Upgrade your hair extension installations with the newest version of Babe’s Classic Hair Extension Tool.

All about comfort, usability, and durability, our classic hair extension crimping tool is made easier to use by salon professionals. It is longer lasting and more comfortable to hold during the extension process. 

The Classic Hair Extension Tool can be used for the installation of sew in weft extensions (including Hand Tied and Machine Sewn wefts) or any time a bead is placed into hair.

How To Use:

  • To install the beads, use the flat edge and place the hair and bead in between the plates. Press firmly in the middle and on both sides to secure the bead in place. 
  • To remove the bead, place the flattened bead into the oval opening of the tool. Then, gently press the bead until it opens up and can be removed from the hair.


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