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  • Celeb Viral Colorditioner Graphite 8oz

Celeb Viral Colorditioner Graphite 8oz

  • $36.86

Deposits a true and rich silver tone on bleached and color-treated blonde hair, one of the mot difficult colors to achieve. Viral Colorditioner is the first Hybrid Haircolor with built-in Bond Repair. Rebuilds bonds, repairs lightened and fragile hair.

  • Rebuilds hydrogen, ionic and disulfide bonds within the structure of the hair for strength and moisture.
  • Penetrates deep into hair fibers, to revive, regenerate and strengthen fragile, bleached hair from the inside-out.
  • Continual bond building with normal use, restores hair fiber strength back to virgin hair feel.
  • Bondurance™: Durable conditioning, extreme detangling, reduces breakage up to five washes.
  • Restores hair to a hydrophobic, water-resistant state, evening porosity.
  • Pastel tones: on hair, pre-lightened white to palest blonde

Why It Works: BondFix™ 3x stronger. The 1st proprietary technology that strengthens at the molecular level with intense conditioning, color and moisturizing

  • Hi-conditioner - 2 minutes
  • Toner - 2 to 5 minutes
  • Color - 20 minutes

How To Use:

Use to Maintain Color or as a Conditioning Tone Booster:

  • Apply generous amount evenly to clean, damp hair.
  • Leave on 2 min. and rinse thoroughly.

Conditioning Haircolor:

  • Apply generous amount evenly on clean, dry hair.
  • After 20 min., wet, massage and rinse thoroughly.


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