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  • Mirabella Perfect & Correct Finishing Powder

Mirabella Perfect & Correct Finishing Powder

  • $28.04

Neutralize and brighten the skin with Mirabella's Perfect & Correct Finishing Powder.  This custom-created palette of corrective matte shades helps to gently balance the complexion while providing a flawless finish.  This stunning palette is designed to be used individually, for targeted correcting, or swirled together for a flawless finish.

How To Use:

  • With Kabuki or Dual Finish Blush and Powder Brush, swirl all colors together and dust over skin for full face correction and to set foundation and concealer.  Take care to use a light hand and blend powder for an even, neutral finish.  
  • To color correct specific problem areas, use the Wet/Dry Shadow Brush, Precision Smudge Brush, or Detail Brush to pick up individual colors and apply to specific area of discoloration.


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