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  • Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Intense Moisture Cream 50ml

Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Intense Moisture Cream 50ml

  • $63.14

Hydrated skin is a synonym of healthy skin. However, the level of the skin’s hydration depends on the net balance of its hydrodynamics, which is understood as the flows of water to and from the skin. To enhance the balance of this mechanism and reinforce the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid content, Skeyndor has developed its new Power Hyaluronic line, an innovative combination of active ingredients that join forces to obtain more comfortable, extra moisturized skin, with a much softer relief.

  • 90% improved dehydration wrinkles
  • 100% moisturizing in one single session
  • Continuous hydration over 24 hours

This daily hyaluronic moisturizer is the perfect extension of your skincare routine if you are looking to deeply hydrate and plump your skin.

Water binding Hyaluronic Acid fragments, penetrate deeply into the lower layers of the skin with a first of its kind Hyaluronic Acid delivery system. Ensuring that your skin stays glowy and dewy all day and night.

Skin Type: Great for Dry or Very Dry skin

How To Use:

  • After your usual face cleansing routine, apply a small quantity of the product to the face and massage it in gently.
  • Do not apply to the eyes or the mucous membranes.


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