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  • Gehwol Balm For Normal Skin 2.5oz

Gehwol Balm For Normal Skin 2.5oz

  • $16.34

Cooling menthol and natural essential oils of rosemary and lavender have a soothing, refreshing effect. Tried and tested anti-microbial substances give lasting protection against foot odor. Gehwol Balm for Dry Skin has a high content of soothing substances such as lanolin and avocado oil, which are kind to the skin. Rough, cracked skin becomes smooth, supple and resistant again. Aloe Vera binds additional moisture in the skin. The balm is rapidly absorbed; leaving behind the pleasant sensation of well cared for skin. It helps to prevent infections and keep the feet hygienically fresh. Dermatologically tested. Also suitable for diabetics.


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